Veechu Commission Small Canvases

  • Ragavee Balendran

After being commissioned to illustrate a painting for Veechu Restaurant, I received compliments from the owners and was asked to create another two canvases. As my illustration was quite abstract compared to the other paintings I was briefed to continue my style and accompany my other painting. So I experimented with some new ideas and wanted to recreate the Bharatanatyam hand gestures with their meanings, which I tested with photoshop with the concepts.

So the first pose was a Bharatanatyam hand gesture that signified a ripe fruit and for a Tamil restaurant, I thought a mango would be best represented. As for the second pose, this represents the hand gesture for eating, as this pose is similar to how the South Asian community eats with our hands, but I also thought that the canvases would be better if it continued the theme of fruits and vegetables, so I illustrated it with the hands picking up chilis.
After confirming my concept with the restaurant owners, I then drew up the design and painted them with acrylics and added some pen details to make the design cleaner.
I was able to see my canvas hung up on the wall when I visited the restaurant for their lovely food. If you would like to enjoy some Tamil street food, then you will enjoy the modern twist of the traditional dishes that Veechu Restaurant serve. @