Venture - A Portable Tent Cooling Device

  • Aisha Orme
Final Year Design Practice project as part of my degree in Product Design and Technology.

Camping has become an increasingly popular activity, particularly amongst millennials. However, staying cool inside a tent can be challenging. The most common solution is to leave tent doors open, which is unsafe and inconvenient. Venture is an air cooling device designed to be used whilst camping. The design has been created with the camping environment in mind and includes a rechargeable battery for portability.
A filter inside is made from a porous material called ‘Poly-Lay Lay-Fomm’. It is a combination of a rubber-elastomeric polymer and a PVA-component meaning it is water soluble. The micro-pores inside retain the water and as air passes through, the water evaporates producing cool air. Using a honeycomb shape allows for larger surface area meaning greater water retention.
For a two man tent, roughly 35 square feet, Venture is able to provide an average temperature decrease between 5 and 8 °C depending on the length of soaking time. This allows users to stay at a safe temperature inside their tent.