• Viviane Leezer

This Animation short made during the Master of Animation of The AKV St|Joost, Breda, in The Netherlands for Beeldtijd. It was made possible by the National 4 and 5 May Committee & the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Based on an interview of a woman, named Cor, living in Bergen op Zoom who lived during the WWII, the short focuses on her living in a dangerous environment. To try to keep her family and house a safe place. I was involved with storyboarding and animating certain scenes for this project. This animation was featured at the Liberty festival Brabant at the presentation of ' Drawn, Brabant eyewitnesses 70 years after the war '. During the liberty festival in Den Bosch was a mobile cinema and in it were a selection of the short animated films to see. View all the shorts here at Foundation Beeldtijd: Each movie takes three minutes. It is a continuous performance. You could walk in and out. Credits Direction & Story: Michele Crivellaro Production: Michele Crivellaro, Theresa Schade Art Direction & Post-Production: Samantha Schoonen Animation Direction: Theresa Schade Storyboard: Viviane Leezer Visual Design: Elena Winkel , Samantha Schoonen , Selen Kılınç , Theresa Schade Animation: Elena Winkel, Huei-Yuan Tien, Louis Hector, Michele Crivellaro, Samantha Schoonen, Selen Kılınç, Theresa Schade, Viviane Leezer

The movie was also aired on the Dutch TV channel: Omroep Brabant and even presented by the grandson of Cor. The movie shall also be used as an education tool for high school students in The Netherlands. To educate them what the WW2 was about from a personal perspective from Cor who experienced it. The generation who has experienced the WW2 are now, unfortunately, growing very old, so this movie will make sure that the memories of that war will never be forgotten and that the survivors shall always be honoured.