VICE interview with For Those I Love

  • Amy Azarinejad

Read the full interview here: For Those I Love - the brainchild of 29 year-old producer, visual artist and multi-instrumentalist David Balfe, his music is reminiscent of the Streets’ night bus poetry. Dave first began work on the project as a chance to write frankly about the struggles he and his friends faced while growing up in north Dublin. Anecdotally and otherwise, For Those I Love documents the harsh realities of a daily life up against it, and holds a mirror up to the clear disparity between a working class upbringing and the lack of opportunity that remains to this day. With just two singles out, FTIL has had incredible support already - He recently appeared on Later With Jools Holland for a captivating performance, first single ‘I Have a Love’ were championed by The Guardian, Pitchfork, and more, plus second single ’Top Scheme’ premiered on The FADER.