Vodafone - Award winning website

  • Matthew Lasky

The objectives: 1. A careers website that was fast, simple and would build trust with potential hires and in the Vodafone employer brand. 2. Reduce the time it takes to apply for a job. 3. Increase completed applications. 4. Deliver a better user experience and therefore a higher conversion rate. 5. Drive diversity of applications. My role: Head of UX & UI. The tasks: I ran stakeholder briefing workshops for the global team at Vodafone (& the agency I was working for Attrax). Collated and created research to produce audience personas and user workflows which in turn influenced the information architecture. Liaised with the SEO and development team to define the global structure of the international sites. Responsive wireframes created in Axure. I presented this to the global team at Vodafone. Rapid prototyping updates whilst gather feedback on qualitative user testing. I managed the UI designers and collaborated with Vodafone’s in house branding team to produce responsive web designs for the international sites. Micro-interactions were meticulously planned out to enhance the overall user experience of the site. Heatmaps were added to key pages to monitor site performance. A/B testing was used on the application process. The results: In the first three months after go-live it produced some amazing results: 1. Time to completed application has reduced from 8 minutes to 2 minutes, saving a staggering 6 minutes for the user. 2. 75% of candidates now complete their application once started (up from 12%). 3. Vodafone now convert 24% of their unique visitors into completed applications globally.