Vodafone SecureNet

  • Lisa Taylor

We had to revise the Secure Net landing page to make it easier to navigate and easy to understand what was on offer and get people to sign up.

Initially we ran inspiration interviews with various members of the public to gauge their knowledge and opinions on the current website.
They gave us their thoughts on what the possible benefits would be from using such a product
From this feedback we drew up some basic personas and started to nail down our key audience and develop our initial landing pages.
When putting together these pages we broke down the content into managable chunks:
HEADLINE and KEY MESSAGE Will reflect what that particular persona wants to hear
WHAT What the product does. We tried to explain this in a more real life sense rather than using tech language straight away.
WHY The benefits of using this product
HOW How the product actually works
After further testing we proceeded with two key audiences: Families and Individuals. We developed two new pages based on the initial designs but to cater to these two audiences alone.
We  helped the consumer understand the product a lot better by putting a lot of the scenarios where you would use the product into context and making it more human rather than overloading the user with tech language.
With some research and trial and error design you can achieve some great results!

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