Vodka Cruiser x VCTV Branded Content Series Season 1

  • Ayesha Islam

Vodka Cruiser TV (VCTV) - an immersive and interactive weekly ‘TV show’ broadcast exclusively on Facebook LIVE. This work took the platform into unexplored territory. Never before had it been used in Australia as an episodic platform that changed its usage to interactive ‘TV-like’ broadcast. VCTV was a category first branded content series shot in HD specifically for Facebook Live. We partnered with SketchShe, who were relevant social media celebrities to create a six-episode series, screened live weekly. Approachable, energetic and free-spirited - the show integrated guest influencers that were a perfect embodiment of the brand personality. A fast and funny chat show was designed to follow an interactive format covering themes like relationships, food, travel, fashion and career to build Vodka Cruiser’s image as a true social companion. Hosted in infotainment style, each show featured socially influential guests. This wasn’t TV as they knew it. Viewers didn’t watch VCTV, they were part of it. Communications Eco-System: • We pre-promoted in the form of teasers, invitations to users to submit their own content for inclusion, as well as time targeted boosting 2 hours before each episode went live. • We created post-show 'highlights' packages and immersive Facebook canvas units to attract new audiences. • Facebook Carousel ads ensured the product was top of mind. • We amplified VCTV across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Outdoor, POS and owned channels. • Organic sharing included Twitter and Snapchat. • Multiple trade promotions, giveaways, as well as product placements were baked into the show to fuel sales. A truly smart fusion of influencer marketing, user-generated content and product integration made VCTV a groundbreaking case of branded ‘infotainment’ harnessing the power of ‘live’. The campaign went on to win thirteen awards including two Effies and delivered exceptional results for the brand.