Vodka Cruiser x VCTV Branded Content Series Season 2

  • Ayesha Islam

Vodka Cruiser TV (VCTV) returned for a second season with a brighter and bolder look and feel. Arming ourselves with learnings from the previous year and knowing our audience wanted to explore culturally relevant topics that fuelled social conversations inspiring them to think a little deeper and live lives driven by what’s important to them - we took VCTV to new heights. As part of a core team of strategists, we created a 6-part pre-produced talk show for young Aussies. Each episode was cut into two segments playing out at no more than 4-5 mins lending itself to social video best practise viewing habits. Topics went into popular culture and events that were scripted to entertain and provoke social conversations. We introduced a female and male two host dynamic to liven things up and offer cultural relevancy for young 20 somethings with a new social influencer spotlighted each week. As a product-specific extension to the campaign, we introduced 6-second YouTube and Facebook bumpers for product, brand and theme integration, which were distributed across digital and social, with a mobile-first output in mind and shareability front and centre. All content was created with millennial consumption habits in mind, as well as passion points and trending themes. The campaign firmly cemented Vodka Cruisers new digital-first approach to campaign activity re-inventing the once un-cool ready to drink brand and successfully driving product off the shelves for a second year.