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THE DUTCH (2016)
And I couldn't agree more. That's why I jumped at the opportunity to put a classy PR spotlight on this lovely, crazy and funky new kid in Maastricht town: Hotel The Dutch. Although the name suggests otherwise, you’ll find here everything except Delftware, wooden shoes and tulips. At The Dutch, situated in a beautiful mansion in Maastricht, you imagine yourself back in the ‘80s of today. A place that Madonna then and now would enjoy to the fullest.
My goal? Save everyone from another ordinary night!
The result? A lot of free publicity and the right attention this extraordinary hotel deserves. Vogue, Elle (Deco), Petite Passport, Elsevier, Volkskrant, Cosmopolitan, Vrouw Telegraaf, Villa D' Arte, YourLittleBlackBook, NSMBL, Amayzine, Marie Claire, Bart's Boekje, Grazia,...
'The Hoff' would be proud!


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