Voices (Kaltblut Magazine)

  • Holly Lavelle

This photo shoot takes inspiration from the mythological sirens, who are often portrayed as the malevolent sisters of mermaids, seducing sailors with their enchanting songs and leading them to ruin. However, in this shoot, we aim to reframe the sirens as victims of a society dominated by men, where their voices are silenced and used against them. Through this, we want to create a broader metaphor for the oppression of women, highlighting how they are often silenced and trapped in roles defined by men. By doing so, we hope to challenge traditional narratives and spark a conversation about the need for greater gender equality and empowerment. CREDITS: Creative Direction & Styling: Rocio Elvira @xrociodrewx Photographer - Holly Lavelle @hollylavelle Hair - Victoria Kostruk @kostruk MUA - @honeyiez Lighting/ video - Elliot Banks @ebanezza Model - Eelyse Ship @ee1yse (Nevs models) Model - Abbie Adeleg @abbieadeleg (IMM models)