Volvo Human Made Series


CLIENT VOLVO AGENCY MEDIA BLAZE ATHLETES LAUREN STEADMAN, THE BROWNLEE BROTHERS & JOHN MCAVOY Volvo's Human Powered series focused on people whose inspiring work and achievements reflected their own values. GB Paralympic athlete Lauren Steadman was photographed at a chilly open water lake within stones throw of the M25, Elite triathlete and ex-criminal John McAvoy on Surrey's Alps (Box Hill) and Britain's most-successful Olympic triathletes, Jonny and Alistair Brownlee training on their home turf in Leeds. Lauren, it turns out, had a bit of a fear of open water. John brought along his ex-Prison mentor who had first noticed something unique within him and started his journey away from a life of crime to elite athlete. The Brownlee brothers I always enjoy working with but their dedication to eating at specific times will always remain a challenge on shoot days.

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