Volvo XC90 - Drive The Future

  • Martin Swift

Working for Volvo China with Grey Agency in Shanghai and the Global team in the US , together we created several films for the Chinese market, shot in just 4 days, 2 different cars , a celebrity , 5 kids, myself and a crew of 80 at times, travelling from Shanghai to Beijing to Inner Mongolia and then to the final day in the city of Tianjin. All smoothly executed by Gwantsi Production House. A fantastic trip, I love my job. CLIENT | Volvo Cars, China TITLE | Volvo XC90 - Drive The Future TVC Campaign AGENCY | Grey, China PRODUCTION COMPANY | Gwantsi, Shanghai LOCATION | Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia DIRECTOR | Martin Swift DIR AGENT | DOP | Carl Rasmussen POST PRODUCTION | Digital Domain, Shanghai COLOURIST | Simon Astbury @ Digital Domain MUSIC | Lang Lang Performing ‘Clair De Lune’ By Claude Debussy MIX & SOUND DESIGN | James O’Connell