Vote for Climate or Die

  • Lisa Berenson
  • Inga Ziemele
  • Martin Fürst

The creative collective sticking it to the climate crisis through skateboarding art.

In the run-up to the last General Election, London-based creative collective @VoteForClimateOrDie created a series of skateboarding-inspired stickers depicting the grim realities of climate extinction, to inspire young people to register and vote. Thousands of their self-funded campaign stickers were been given away for free at independent skate shops and skate parks in thirty cities across the UK.

Creative lead: Lisa Berenson

Illustrators: Liane Plant, Felicity Marshall, Inga Ziemele, Sam Dunn, Tomas Ives, Murugiah, Marie Err, Nat Barragry, Martin Fuerst.