Wako & Seiko Christmas Window Display

  • Alice Lazarus
  • Adam Cheong-MacLeod
  • Karol Sielski

Pentagram was commissioned by Wako, in collaboration with Seiko, to design their Christmas window displays 2019. I was part of the Yuri Suzuki's team on the project. We designed three external displays alongside interior installations to create a multidimensional and interactive walking cinematic experience for passers-by. We used various analog animation techniques including zoetropes, praxinoscopes and moiré discs to create the visual displays. The three external window displays were followed through inside the Seiko store with smaller internal displays with similar imagery and techniques. I worked independently and with the team on the project from the initial proposal through to its development. I was involved with many aspects of the project including: research and concept generation, design development, initial prototyping, creating presentations, illustration and 2D artworking, narrative development and 3D design.