WalkWithMe - media installation Forum Groningen

  • Peter Musschenga

WalkWithMe is a media and signage installation designed to inform and inspire visitors of the newly opened Forum Groningen. The object contains 11 regular and 2 interactive screens displaying news and information on the exhibitions, movies and events currently on show in the cultural building. The organic form of the steel construction is inspired by trees and gives life to the quirky object, bringing up a dialogue with the visitor. Is it looking at you? Does it make a journey through the building? Is it a forest? A sea monster from ancient legends? The material used and the shape of the installation are complementary to the other objects in the vicinity, like the beautiful bamboo stairwell and the big circular yellow desk. A series of light boxes make up the heart of the installation. The boxes have a dichroic surface which makes the view of the object change with the location of the visitor. This paradigm shift strenghtens the way in which Forum Groningen wants to connect with its visitiors. Software has been specially developed that changes the temper of the object by continously changing its color and rhythm. And it even responds to the presence of the visitor. Because of this interplay of material and technique the light objects are sometimes transparent, mirroring or luminous. Or all at once! WalkWithMe has been chosen as part of the Official Selection of the London International Creative Competition (LICC), “singling it out as one of the best in the 2020 Edition”.