War Child at The O2 Exhibition Graphics

  • Paul Stapleton
The Brief
To create entrance panels for the 20 Years of War Child exhibition in association with the British Music Experience at The O2 and find a way that people can have their photo taken then add it to the support wall for the event.

The Solution
I developed the master graphics for 20 Years of War Child with another designer, housing the face of a child within various shapes. I then created the large wall graphics that lead in to the exhibition. These featured large quotes and statements to drive home the impact of War Child’s message. BME also wanted to create a space where people could add their picture to the wall and pledge support to this cause. I wanted a tactile feel that would allow the visitors to interact with the wall, so I used red string and simple wooden pegs, housing the displays within a large red frame elevated the images but would still feel perfectly low-tech and in keeping with the subject matter.