WaterAid - Future of sustainability

  • Tom Henchman

WaterAid worked with the team to help them with educating and raising awareness within the global fashion industry and governments about the work they are doing to save lives, the environment and economies.


Solarflare helped WaterAid to reach this goal by producing a projection mapping and touch-table content interface to be showcased at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit for WaterAid, WWF and HSBC. The summit, which is often referred to as the Davos of fashion, is a key date in the fashion diary for those businesses with a pioneering vision to highlight issues and create solutions for a more sustainable industry.


The outcome of this event was incredibly positive, with it exceeding targets for engagement, interaction and sign ups as well as being by far the most popular stand at the event, even attracting the Danish royal family. People were extremely receptive to hearing about how social and environmental issues are interlinked, and how a holistic approach is having real impact. By educating everyone that came to the stand, the key messages were conveyed, which is to put the water at the heart of a sustainable future for the people and ecosystems in apparel supply chains. In fact, the fashion summits outcome were so positive and impactful that In 2018, HSBC and WaterAid launched a three year programme to deliver essential water and sanitation services in apparel factories and nearby communities in Bangladesh and India.