Waze Wanderers

  • Matt Booy
  • Milda Seiliute
  • Jamie Nicoll

Introducing the world of Waze with a lively spin on direct mail. Waze Local provides innovative and exciting ad solutions, bringing drivers directly to local businesses within the world’s largest community-based navigation app. A company that exists to move beyond the curve, when it came to informing and educating partner agencies about their advertising offerings, Waze were on board to break direct mail tradition. With a mobile phone in hand, agencies are invited to follow along cowboy Sidney’s adventure as it plays out seamlessly across both printed and prompted animated scenes. Through chance meetings, robot battles, and with the help of Waze’s localised ad offerings, Sidney emerges victorious. As did the campaign, with Waze seeing a significant increase in response rate and an uplift in new agency partners within just a week of the comic landing. We created wanderers out west - an interactive comic book set within Waze's playful universe, designed to simultaneously inform and entertain.