We Make St Albans campaign

For my social media management training, I ran a local arts awareness campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, under the character name of Lady Suburbaneer. The character gave me a tone of voice for the campaign and a structure for the blog element which took the form of a series of letters. The strategy was to highlight all the little creative artisan businesses which exist in kitchens and sheds around the area and which make a unique contribution to the character of the city. I created the hashtag and invited businesses to share content using it. Each week I focussed on a different type of creative business, eg. jewellery design, textiles, photography, ceramics, art and craft classes etc. and I grew an engaged organic community of followers. I also made use of Facebook and Twitter ads to enhance my reach, and a Tweetchat to further engage the audience. These are the hashtag headers I designed for each week, and at the end of the campaign I also formatted them into a short video.

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Sally Claxton

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