Weatherwear (YCN Commendation 2017)

  • Alex Poryadina

This project was an entry for YCN Student Awards in response to a brief from Metoffice. The brief asked to generate content that will raise the usage of the MetOffice Mobile App amongst the young generation. People check the weather every day, however, they usually do it through built-in apps on phones, due to the fact, that they are already there. Adding features, that other apps don’t offer will distinguish Met Office from other weather channels and encourage people to use it more. Weatherwear is a new feature on the app, that is designed to help people to choose an outfit, based on the forecast in their location. The app generates up to three suggestions, illustrated with pieces from the latest collections of the brand partners. Users swipe left and right to see the outfits for today or tap the day to see suggestions for the future. Additionally, the can click on the brand logotype, which directs to the website, where items can be purchased.

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