Website Copy for Marco Joe Fazio Creative Agency

  • Nikki Trailor
  • Marco Fazio

Marco asked me to review and edit the copy of his website and bring it in line with his amazing imagery. So no pressure.. But a great opportunity to flex my creative muscles and tap into some sales and marketing techniques for good measure. We're now teaming up to collaborate on future creative projects so watch this space!

The full website can be found here:
And here's what Marco had to say about the project:

"Nikki came on board when I asked her to review our whole website and take the copywriting “at the same level of the imagery”. Nikki did that.. and more! She understood the intrinsic meaning – sometimes a bit entangled due to my Itanglish – and made all the copy not only grammatically correct but also brilliantly captivating and fun! I don’t recommend anybody hiring Nikki... because I want her professionalism and flair with the English language all for myself!!!"