Week of Chickpeas

  • Chloe Stewart
I’m not really one to ‘meal plan’.  Even if, interestingly, that is often touted as quite an effective way to reduce food waste in the kitchen.  If I’m honest, I just never get organized.  Instead, I like to invest in one ingredient, and see what I can add to it from the excess odds and ends I have lying around [perhaps you can relate…]
There is generally always something that can be done. 
Which is what this post is about.  Start with a core, multi purpose ingredient, and see just how far you can push it with all the bits and bobs you’ve got lying around.  Because as you all know – and even if you’re not quite the food hoarder like myself, we all, somehow, accumulate.
But please, the point is not to spend hours at the store filling up your bag or buying countless seasonings you will never buy again.  These ingredients are what I like to think are particularly multipurpose and thus useful fridge and or pantry staples; simply because they have infinite applications in the kitchen.  ie., good value for money.  OR easily substitutable [it’s a word].  Hence, the ‘Consume’ section that follows, and will always follow, every recipe. 
PLEASE NOTE: you will see halves quarters and parts of ingredients.  DO NOT THROW ANY OF THE REMAINING halves quarters and parts of INGREDIENTS AWAY.  Make space in your fridge and ready your tupperware.  By the time we’re through with our chickpeas, we will have used them all.  From veggie stock, to cans of tomatoes, chickpea cooking water and parts of onions.  Or at least 90% of them.  I promise.
Oh and did I mention this entire week of lunches, dinners AND a dessert [slash breakfast?], cost me about £12?  [Not including spices, stale bread, an over ripening banana and wilting spring onion etc.].