what3words Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Maddie Taylor

How did the goddess Chang’e end up on the moon? Hint: yuè (moon) and yuè (a Chinese province) are pronounced the same. This is what3words version of the classic Chinese story to demonstrate why a what3words address is always more accurate for navigation. Boxes of mooncakes and a film were created to wish what3words friends and partners in China a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival and every happiness and success for the year ahead. This project was concepted, designed, written, animated and produced by what3words. (Talented bunch.)

The box is powder coated wood with silkscreening.
The text on the mooncakes are different but sound the same. One says, yuè (moon) and the other says yuè (a Chinese province).
The video was sent out on social channels and directly to partners, in Chinese and English. (The joke is really written for a Chinese audience who love a pun.)

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