Whatever Press

  • Mio Yokota
Whatever Press is an independent publishing house established as a playground to experiment with the ‘English-of-the-everyday’. By deconstructing elements of the English language and playfully reconstructing them again, this project intends to nudge the audience to reflect on spoken English, and the unconscious ways in which it shapes our perception of reality. The name derives from its motto ‘whatever you have in your mind, let’s make it happen!’. This space encourages ones to try ideas stupid or serious through the act of self-publishing.
There are three categories composing this publishing house.
‘System of English’ Books in this category question how we unconsciously interpret forms as letters and automatically put them together to create words, sentences and even find meaning in them.
‘Context and English’ Books in this category have been designed with a deliberate disconnect between words and the meaning. This disconnect emphasises how much we rely on context to communicate, especially with spoken language.
‘Whatever’ (work in progress) This category is for totally abstract publications that challenge the media of prints and books as well as an act of publishing.