When your beauty breaks the rules: A chat with Yvesmark Chery

  • Zuzu Valla
  • Alice Secchi
  • Dianah Gwendu

Interview with Yvesmark: “If I were an animal, I would be an owl because an owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Plus, owls just mind their business and observe things” – Yvesmark Chery @keien_silverjewelry answers our last question. And actually, his acute gaze conveys a sense of freedom that goes beyond the boundaries of contingent space. Haitian origins, twenty-six years old, born in Brooklyn, raised in Philadelphia, Yvesmark has a great passion for travel and good books. He’s a model, first of all. Already “the face” of the H&M and Calvin Klein campaigns, Yvesmark is the magnificent expression of a beauty that breaks (luckily!) the obsolete aesthetic rules of a society that was and is no longer: he is contemporary. A proud representative of the Black Renaissance that he spoke about in a short-film, shot alongside Barack and Michelle Obama and later published on Youtube, Yvesmark followed the success in the USA as a protagonist in the culminating fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris.