White Ribbon Alliance: Tattoo Parlour

  • Fern Miller
  • Hannah Hattie Matthews
The White Ribbon Alliance works to reduce the likelihood of mums dying in childbirth around the world.
We wanted to raise awareness of this issue in the UK, How could we make the subject of maternal mortality real, where we are lucky enough to fear childbirth much less?
The brief given to the awesome Simon and Stephen (hello@crossconnor.com) was to connect the sad fact of the Mums lost to communities around the world with the Mums we are so grateful to here in the UK (but sometimes take for granted, just like healthcare).
Their idea of a tattoo parlour at Glastonbury gave us a chance to talk about the issue with people, thanks to the time spent with them, and a chance for people to show their gratitude for their Mum. The celebs who were invited in were only too happy to be photographed with their hearts on their fake-tat-sleeves and so the experience got front page coverage, as well as A-List support.


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