WHO SAYS? - Genderless Childrenswear Collection

  • Annabel Spencer

This project is my Final Major Project Portfolio. It is based on the notion of challenging gender stereotypes linked to childrenswear. By using influence from the Victorian Era and modern day silhouettes, I came up with a collection to represent both boys and girls, without crossing any 'gender boundaries'. The aim of this project was to challenge how stereotypes have evolved over the decades, as in the Victorian Era pink was typically a colour for boys! Boys would be dressed flamboyantly! So why did that change? Why are pink and flamboyant now classed as 'girls wear'? My collection uses a gender neutral colour palette to move away from the idea of 'that's for a girl and that's for a boy' and instead it's a fully inclusive range. I also made the range multifunction by using drawstring and toggles within seams! They can effectively grow with the child *Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, all sewing and manufacture came to a halt. Therefore instead of physically bringing my project to life, I managed to bring my collection to life by creating a detailed tech-pack for manufacture in the future.

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