Annabel Spencer

Annabel Spencer

Childrenswear Fashion DesignerLiverpool, United Kingdom
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Annabel Spencer

Annabel Spencer

Childrenswear Fashion DesignerLiverpool, United Kingdom
About me
I am an aspiring childrenswear designer who loves to take inspiration from the Victorian Era clothing, whilst adding a modern spin on designs. My career goal is to create my own childrenswear brand! I have a passion to challenge 'genderless' childrenswear as modern day society tends to influence children from a young age about gender stereotypes within clothing. I have just completed my BA Hons Fashion Design degree, and due to the uncertainty in the world at the moment due to Covid-19, I have decided to further my skills by taking on a Fashion MA course!
  • Childrenswear Award Shirtlist - GFF 2020
    Childrenswear Award Shirtlist - GFF 2020I am so happy to announce that I have been shortlisted for the #GFF Childrenswear Award 2020 Check out my FMP on my profile!
  • WHO SAYS?  -  Genderless Childrenswear Collection
    WHO SAYS? - Genderless Childrenswear CollectionThis project is my Final Major Project Portfolio. It is based on the notion of challenging gender stereotypes linked to childrenswear. By using influence from the Victorian Era and modern day silhouettes, I came up with a collection to represent both boys and girls, without crossing any 'gender boundaries'. The aim of this project was to challenge how stereotypes have evolved over the decades, as in the Victorian Era pink was typically a colour for boys! Boys would be dressed flamboyantly! So
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  • Meet the GFF 2020 Childrenswear Award Nominees
    Meet the GFF 2020 Childrenswear Award NomineesThe nominees for the GFF Childrenswear award have been set the task of designing a childrenswear collection of twelve pieces or six outfits for babies or children up to the age of 8. Meet the nominees below!
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Liverpool John Moores University
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Here in LJMU I worked on womenswear ranges and childrenswear ranges. I found that my passion lays within childrenswear and focusing in my own brand!
    Childrenswear Award ShortlistedLiverpool John Moores University
    I have been shortlisted by GFF for the Childrenswear Award 2020