Why French?? (and why you should hire a specialist)

  • Luna Jungblut

Hi there, I'm Luna. Don't we all know that French speakers are not so great with languages? Yet, they constitute a huge part of the cultural market. We are everywhere and have a deep influence on the art world, but we are bad at English. In fact, only 39% of French people can get by using English. If you want to grab their attention and engage with them, you have to speak their language. I’ve made a series of super short videos (1 min!) to show you your options. 1 - Why French? 2 - Why you should hire a specialist?

The benefits of hiring a specialist.

Whether you work in marketing, in a museum, in the cultural sphere or the music industry, or if you’re just looking to open up to all the French speakers you could be missing out on, you’ve come to the right place.
I’ve been an English and Spanish to French translator and interpreter since 2013, helping large institutions, independent galleries, music, dance & circus professionals, A-list music icons…

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... and even Bloopers!

Thank you so much for watching!

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