Luna Jungblut

Luna Jungblut

French Museum TranslatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Luna Jungblut

Luna Jungblut

French Museum TranslatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Are you a professional in the cultural sphere? Are you a creative, ready to send your brainchild beyond borders? Does your gallery, concept or product (your art, your band, project, idea, your Instagram account? etc.) have what it takes to conquer wider audiences? What you've spent so many weeks creating, so many hours making perfect... It deserves a touch of magnifique! I’m looking for talented artists, disruptive startups, ethical small businesses and innovative initiatives who want a wider reach, namely to open up to French-speaking or EU audiences. Avoid cross-language awkwardness. Let's chat: I’m a woman-owned translation business, French-speaking world & community specialist and I just love hearing about new creative brainchildren (that word is weird, isn't it?) I’m about getting your ‘voice’ out there, not just your amazing copy, but the story behind it, the whole package. Because stories get shared, and stories sell. (More engagement, yay!!) French is the 7th most spoken language on the internet & only 39% of French speakers from France speak English, so you could be missing out on a huge chunk of potential fans… But if the French-speaking market is still too little for your big ideas, I have a trusted team of specialised colleagues in nearly all EU languages. You’ve got the brains for creation, let me handle the communication part. I surround myself with artists and inspiring people on a daily basis: trust me. No corporate-talk with me, only honest-talk: just awesome humans doing what they do best. If we are a good match, I will make sure you’re nothing short of over the moon with your new multilingual baby. My name’s Luna (how fitting!), let's talk:
  • Why French?? (and why you should hire a specialist)
    Why French?? (and why you should hire a specialist)Hi there, I'm Luna. Don't we all know that French speakers are not so great with languages? Yet, they constitute a huge part of the cultural market. We are everywhere and have a deep influence on the art world, but we are bad at English. In fact, only 39% of French people can get by using English. If you want to grab their attention and engage with them, you have to speak their language. I’ve made a series of super short videos (1 min!) to show you your options. 1 - Why French? 2 - Why you s
  • Translation (1-min video!)
    Translation (1-min video!)You might have: • An urgent press release • Exhibition promotion material or wall labels • An artistic project presentation • A cultural publication or website • Some recurrent social media posts ... And you want to make that available to French speakers. If we are a good match and that you decide to entrust me with your project, I’ll assess the technicality of the text, check how much research is needed, and come back to you with a proposal and timeline. If it’s all good for you, I’ll usually
  • Transcreation (or Marketing translation) (1-min video!)
    Transcreation (or Marketing translation) (1-min video!)Transcreation, is a mix between translation and creation. With your fresh new copy in another language, you are telling the world you are going global and that you mean business!
  • Interpreting (1-min video!)
    Interpreting (1-min video!)Let’s say you’re planning an art-related event, it could be a masterclass, a festival, a guided tour, an international conference and you want to make sure creative concepts are communicated smoothly, even though your participants speak different languages. You need interpreters. Just come to me with your idea and let’s get the ball rolling.
  • Services videos + Bloopers!
    Services videos + Bloopers!I had a lof of fun making those videos, I hope they answered some of your questions! If not, I'm just an email away at
  • CIRCA! - French Interpreter for immersive live art show 'Before Your Eyes'
    CIRCA! - French Interpreter for immersive live art show 'Before Your Eyes'Ensured smooth communication between CIRCA circus & dance company owner and local community stakeholders for a month-long mission in Sochaux, France. The purpose of this collaboration was to create an immersive live art installation across different demographics (people of all ages as well as individuals with mild to severe disabilities).
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Work history
    Translator & Copy Editor (French)Artlife Translations
    London, United KingdomFreelance
  • Audiovisual Translation
  • Content Translation
  • Copywriting Translations
  • Literature Translation
  • Foreign Languages
  • Subtitling
  • Interpreting
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Marketing
  • French
    London Metropolitan University logo
    London Metropolitan University logo
    Master's Degree in Conference InterpretingLondon Metropolitan University
     - London, United Kingdom
    - Confident communicator (Easy to talk to, professional look) I avoid and resolve miscommunication issues that create unnecessary time & money expenditure. - Ability to organise all language needs for international events of any scale (from small guided tours to 200+ auction sales) From hiring vetted and highly specialised language professionals to the setting up of the equipment, the smooth running of your event is on me. That's right, just awesome professionals doing what they do best.
    University of Westminster logo
    University of Westminster logo
    Bachelor's Degree in Interpretation and translation StudiesUniversity of Westminster
     - London, United Kingdom
    - Proficient communicator and eager problem solver - Avoid cross-language awkwardness Multicultural melting pots like London or NY have all the advantages in the world, I couldn't live anywhere else! But languages mix and end up being approximate. Quality marketing copy cannot afford to be inadequate, it has to work. Full stop. - Entrust me with your story, the target audience will feel like it was written just for them.