Translation (1-min video!)

  • Luna Jungblut

You might have: • An urgent press release • Exhibition promotion material or wall labels • An artistic project presentation • A cultural publication or website • Some recurrent social media posts ... And you want to make that available to French speakers. If we are a good match and that you decide to entrust me with your project, I’ll assess the technicality of the text, check how much research is needed, and come back to you with a proposal and timeline. If it’s all good for you, I’ll usually put the text through a software that allows me to not miss any words and keep your original formatting. I’ll translate your text, have it reviewed by my trusted proofreader and make sure it is faithful to the original text without feeling like a translation, keeping in mind the use you will have for it. Yes, a thorough explanation of why you need to translate the document will guide my decision-making. When I’m happy with it, that it looks, feels and sounds right according to your brief, I send it to you for review. I can explain my choices to you, do a backtranslation so you know exactly which words I picked, and it’s done! You can now reach out to a whole new part of the market. • You’re happy because you are now attracting French-speaking visitors • They’re happy because they feel included and that your content is in their mother tongue • I’m happy because these types of projects is my dream job. Everyone wins! Feel free to ask me how you can make your visitors’ experience better.

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