WiFi Villains + Virgin Media

  • Chiara Trecchi
  • Adam Rolfe
  • Sean Taylor

Broadband reliability is cited as the main reason to leave a broadband supplier and the main reason to choose one – hence Virgin Media launched its new Intelligent WiFi, to cement its superiority. The brief was to educate an apathetic public, on its awesome powers. Apathy leads to inertia and a decreased likelihood to convert. We had to wake people up! We created four villainous WiFi characters to visualise customer pain points: Blindspot – Lurks in corners holding WiFi hostage. Signal Snatcher – Spreads WiFi so thinly. Access D-Nied – Denies friends access to WiFi. Device Demon – Sends WiFi signal to unused devices. Then we enlisted Intelligent Wifi to defeat them, with Super Bolt.


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