Wildsmith Skin

  • Sam Strutt
  • Suzie Ryan
  • Michael Kelk
  • Cheryl Goh
Matter Of Form is delighted to announce the launch of Wildsmith Skin, a unique beauty brand harnessing the power of nature to create a range of luxurious, all-natural skincare for urban markets. Drawing inspiration from the the arboretum at Heckfield Place – an elegant countryside retreat in Hampshire from where the botanicals are sourced – the products are crafted sustainably, respectfully and ethically, in line with the brand promise.
Wildsmith approached Matter Of Form to develop an engaging eCommerce solution optimised for conversion, while simultaneously working to bring their unique brand personality to life. MOF worked closely with Made Thought, a brand agency ethically  aligned with MOF’s own value-driven digital innovation, to support their creative concepts with tech delivery. By mapping user journeys and extensive customer profiling, we translated Made Thought’s concepts into best-practice digital designs that complemented stakeholder visions and content.
With only seven products, Wildsmith required meaningful, considered content that would enrich the new brand and encourage conversion. An invaluable compendium of information about each product together with illustrations highlight the pride with which Wildsmith source their ingredients.
The launch was supported by the Wildsmith Papers, a rich library of editorial pieces that not only imbue the brand with personality, but also work to drive traffic to the main site. The Papers accompanied press events in months prior to Wildsmith Skin launch creating anticipation for the product and excitement surrounding the brand.
Our outcome to date is elegant and intuitive. Matter Of Form will continue working with Wildsmith Skin to aid future initiatives in global eCommerce in early 2019, facilitated by purpose built landing pages. The next phase will also see the agency work with the brand to re-platform on Kentico, an enterprise technology solution that will allow the brand to deliver a seamless customer experience from first click, through to purchase and beyond. How users interact with the site will serve to inform a distinct set of flows, as well as enabling us to segment customers and deliver a personalised experience. Our aim is to take the user on a tailored journey, cutting through the clutter and surfacing, inspirational and relevant content.


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