Wingman: Quem é quem?

  • Sofia Ayuso

From 2014 to 2018 I worked on a social media project at Wingman focused on its own employees. It’s not uncommon for companies to introduce their members on social media using a somewhat relaxed photo accompanied by a few words. So Wingman decided to do something a little bit more fun inspired by the popular 90’s board game “Guess Who”. We developed a weekly publication called Quem é Quem (“Guess Who” translated in Portuguese). The copywriting team wrote very witty descriptions of the person’s quirks, hobbies and skills, which were complemented with a thick line illustration that never showed their face (made by yours truly). The goal of this project was to create this sort of guessing game as well as showing the people behind the company in a thoughtful way. Wingman grew and changed a lot since 2014, so turns out I did a total of 93 illustrations (myself included)!