Sofia Ayuso

Sofia Ayuso

Visual DesignerPortugal
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Sofia Ayuso

Sofia Ayuso

Visual DesignerPortugal
About me
Hello, my name is Sofia Ayuso. I'm a visual designer slash illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Over the years I’ve developed my own style and created a sort of proprietary feel to the things I do. I definitely love working with thick lines, digital illustration that has a naive or whimsy touch to it, bright and pastel colours (as cliché as it might be, I have a thing for Millennial Pink) and, most of all, I like to blur the line between expressive and minimalist.
  • Doodles on Portraits
    Doodles on PortraitsSeries of portraits (including a self-portrait) with digital hand drawn doodles on top.
  • Sideline Portraits
    Sideline PortraitsLA based company Betty Labs released a new product: Sideline. It’s a live mobile game that gives sports viewers the opportunity to win money while watching sports by making predictions about what will happen next. I was commissioned to create a series of portraits of NFL & NBA players.
  • ESPN | Samuel L. Jackson ranks Samuel L. Jackson
    ESPN | Samuel L. Jackson ranks Samuel L. JacksonIllustration project for ESPN's sports and culture website "The Undefeated". Samuel L. Jackson is ranking his own movie characters for the first time in a top 20 list.
  • Lola MullenLowe Paris | Signage Design
    Lola MullenLowe Paris | Signage DesignLOLA MullenLowe moved into this big office in Paris and there was the need to create some sort of signage on the walls. Since LOLA is know for its creativity and disruption, I was told to go crazy and create pictograms as uncomfortable & edgy as I could.
  • Wingman: Quem é quem?
    Wingman: Quem é quem?From 2014 to 2018 I worked on a social media project at Wingman focused on its own employees. It’s not uncommon for companies to introduce their members on social media using a somewhat relaxed photo accompanied by a few words. So Wingman decided to do something a little bit more fun inspired by the popular 90’s board game “Guess Who”. We developed a weekly publication called Quem é Quem (“Guess Who” translated in Portuguese). The copywriting team wrote very witty descriptions of the person’s qu
  • Hotel Martinez | Food Allergens
    Hotel Martinez | Food AllergensIcons of food allergens for Hotel Martinez Cannes' restaurant menu. They were inspired by art deco because of the hotel's style.
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Work history
    Visual DesignerWith Company
    Lisbon, PortugalFreelance
    Strategic Design Consultancy.
    IllustratorBetty Labs
     - Los Angeles, United StatesFreelance
    Portrait illustrations of NBA/NFL players for Sideline app.
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    Communication DesignFlag Lisboa
     - Lisbon, Portugal
    Product DesignFaculty of Fine Arts | ULisboa - Universidade de Lisboa
     - Lisbon, Portugal