Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre

  • Sakura Rimal

It's been 40 years since Womens' and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) was first founded by Jeanne Devine and since then, the organisation has been dedicated to supporting women and children through homelessness and domestic violence.

WAGEC takes a stance against the view that women experiencing domestic violence are victims, instead emphasising they are empowered survivors.
The WAGEC website is home to a spectrum of visitors, from women in emergencies seeking immediate support, to communities and businesses wanting to get involved. Not only was the messaging important, but also creating a clear and simple navigation experience so that each user type - particularly the urgent users could use the website as effectively as possible.
The site is designed to feel supportive, empowering and safe. The aesthetic flows on from the branding done by For the People and features bespoke illustrations donated by 16 Australian female artists.