Wonder City

  • Jamie Chow
Brand design direction and UI visual design for a mobile application Wonder City.

In China, people are obsessed with online shopping.
However, Wonder City believes that people need to experience in real life in order to find the best products which really fit them.
Wonder City is a mobile application designed to encourage people to wonder and shop in physical shops around them. Wonder City believes that surprises are all around you if you go and seek.
Below is the welcoming pages of the mobile application. It introduces the brand story about Wonder City. In Wonder City, users will find fireflies that can lead them to search for something valuable and matching their needs.
We chose firefly as the icon for the brand as it is a rare creature that can give light from their physical body naturally, it becomes the perfect representative to show people ways for something that is valuable to them. It also adds a sense of human touch to the mobile application as the light from the fireflies makes people feel warm and attractive.
For the overall mood and feel, we would like to make the presentation futuristic and adventurous, to make the user use the application more like a fun exploring game instead of just a searching tools for shops.
These are the basic functions of the mobile application:
1. The front page works as a social media. We would like to attract users to visit the shop by linking users who shares similar interests. If the users press the link on the post from their following person, it will go to the page of the shops' details.
2. On the searching page, users can search for shops based on the categories or location. I designed the icons which make the mobile application more like a game that let users wondering in a fantasy world.
3. By consuming in certain shops with the mobile application, the users are collecting the power of light from the fireflies. With more power, users enjoy different benefits, for example enjoying certain discounts, getting chances in the lucky draw.
4. Branded images are designed to promote the brand. Users can take pictures and share their moments with the branded frames to social media.
5. Special pages, including the 404 page, and the page with empty comments.