WORKSHOP: Mat Pilates Inside and Out, understanding the foundations of Intelligent Movement

  • Iris Mir

More details: Pilates is a beautiful form of exercise also known as Intelligent Movement precisely because of its focus on managing energy efficiently to achieve certain actions of the body. It is also a good platform to experience on your own body how peak performance and productivity in any field requires intelligence in addition to discipline, rigour and physical and mental dedication. This dynamic two hour session will give you the opportunity to deepen your Pilates knowledge and technique. We will explore the different dimensions of this beautiful form of exercise that fosters the benefits of ’Intelligent Movement’ for the body and the mind. Pilates emphasises breathing, alignment, body awareness and a strong powerhouse. It gives practitioners a bigger sense of grounding so that bodies are able to move and communicate more efficiently and gracefully. During this workshop, we will experience how the Pilates principles enhance our practice. And how they can be taken beyond the mat when we stand, walk and move in different situations. This is an open level workshop. Students who are new to Pilates practice and more advanced students willing to develop a deeper understanding of their practice are both welcome.