World Environment Day for Ecoembes - Master's Final Project

  • Angel Tejeda
Client: Ecoembes
Brief: Celebrate World Environment Day as Ecoembes Day.
Insight: People like to be recognized when they do something good.
Concept: Nature will thank you.
Role: Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design
The Teaser
A teaser message in the front page of several newspaper with a QR code that would take readers to an Instagram Post to discover what it’s growing…
The Drop
Through a collaboration between Instagram and Ecoembes programming team the like button will be switched to a water drop.
The Instagram Post
Thanks to an algorithm "The Post" (a tree), will be growing up in real time, as users water it. Some Hashtags will also help to grow the tree, so users can make their own posts supporting the cause.
The Spotlight
The growing of the digital tree will be also transmitted on-live in a recurring plaza of the city. The big display will also show the campaign hashtags and the users that water the tree.
The Preroll Video
3D animation to attract YouTube viewers' attention and invite them to follow and support this cause on Instagram.