• Patricia Leonardo
  • Joel Beckman

To mark World Mental Health Day (10 October), The Drum invited marketers in the UK, US and Singapore to come together to help destigmatise mental health and create campaign strategies that will launch at Do It Day on 16 November of 2017. Agencies, brands, tech companies and publishers spent World Mental Health Day working together on ideas that will help change perceptions of mental health, laying the groundwork for creative campaigns that will make the world a better place. Nine charities came along armed with their own specific challenges and more than 200 of the industry's finest talents spent the day working on responses. One of the best ideas selected was the #BestManProject, the initiative for the charity CALM, which is dedicated to preventing male suicide, celebrates the power of friendships and supports men in looking out for their mates. We have incredible supporters for Best Man Project include The Duke of Cambridge, Rio Ferdinand, Loyle Carner, Roman Kemp, Humza Arshad and more.

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