Woven by Adam Smith – Storied dining

  • David Azurdia

The restaurant at Coworth Park has always had a good reputation. But despite the exceptional food and service, it’s always been considered a hotel restaurant. A table to reserve during your stay. Our brief was to create a visual and verbal identity that matched the artistry of the kitchen. Elevating the profile of its headline chef, Adam Smith, and establishing the restaurant as a dining destination in its own right. Contemporary fine dining is about so much more than meets the palette. It’s a layered, emotional experience. We wanted to enrich the Woven experience by telling the stories that inspire the menus, creating a personal narrative from chef to diner. These modest stories – of Nan’s roast dinners, chippy tea at the seaside, or a ceremonial plate of jammy dodgers – are instantly relatable to anyone who grew up in Britain. Nostalgic and unpretentious, they introduce each menu, setting a playful tone for the courses ahead. The stories ground the experience, bringing context to every course and conversation to the table, sparking memories and moments of levity.

On its first inspection, just 6 months after reopening, Woven was awarded its first Michelin Star. The accolade confirms the more tangible success that you might find at any given service. Full tables, a vibrant atmosphere and the gentle hum of contented conversation.
Interiors: Marin Hulbert Design Stills: Anton Rodriguez Motion: David Robson