WOW Global 24

  • Pia Zicchi
  • Cathryn Fenton
  • Cordelia Milward
  • Jude Kelly OBE

The effects of Covid-19 pose a profound risk of reversing progress made towards achieving equality, one that must be tackled together and fast. Black Lives Matter increased WOW’s sense of urgency. Running across all time zones over 24 hours, WOW Global 24 brought together WOW Festivals from around the world to respond to the world’s current events, including racial injustice, and the disproportionate impact the pandemic is having on women and girls, particularly those already marginalised. Across two channels - The Global Channel and The Local Channel - curated by teams from all over the world, audiences heard from women, girls and people of all genders who are working towards a better, post pandemic world. There was also the first ever online WOW Marketplace. Now more than ever we need to find community; to connect women, civil society and governments and make women’s stories central to future planning across the globe. This was an opportunity to join hands, listen and ask ‘what do we need to change, and how’?