WOW Wales One World Film Festival 2023

  • Annita Nitsaidou

WOW 2023 took place in cinemas across Wales & online UK-wide. As the creative visionary behind the festival’s marketing campaign, I was responsible for advising our designer on the festival’s visual identity and promotional materials. Envisioning a look that was vibrant, inclusive, and reflective of the festival’s global spirit and Indigenous Cultures special strand, I developed a cohesive branding strategy that resonated with audiences both online and offline. From coordinating with filmmakers and distributors to managing promotional activities and digital content, I played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of the festival. With meticulous planning and creative flair, I helped bring the WOW Wales One World Film Festival 2023 to life, creating a memorable cinematic experience for audiences across Wales and beyond.

The WOW Wales One World Film Festival 2023 was a grand cinematic event that brought together a collection of forty films from twenty-five different countries, all under one roof. Celebrating the diverse voices of powerful women, indigenous filmmakers, and compelling storytellers from around the world, the festival aimed to enlighten and engage audiences with eye-opening narratives.

The festival placed a special emphasis on indigenous cultures, highlighting their rich heritage, traditions, and stories. Alongside this focus, the festival introduced its broader ‘Ecosinema’ strand, exploring themes related to the environment, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

WOW kicked off on Friday, 4th March, in Oswestry and embarked on a thrilling tour across Wales, making stops in Swansea, Cardigan, and Fishguard. The tour culminated in a spectacular week of international premieres hosted at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre from 24th to 30th March, showcasing the very best films from around the globe.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the WOW Wales One World Film Festival also ventured into the digital realm. From 31st March to 7th April, the festival went online, offering audiences a curated selection of this year’s top films, along with exclusive short films and recorded events. This online platform provided an opportunity for those unable to attend the cinema screenings to experience the magic of WOW from the comfort of their homes.