'Wunderkammer' - Mary Katrantzou Spring 2019, 10 year anniversary

Based on a 'Curiosity Cabinet', we drew inspiration from collectors and collections for this 10 year anniversary show. Influences included butterflies, shells, jewellery and dried flowers, as well as referencing previous, trademark Katrantzou collections based on stamps, perfume bottles and Murano glass. Surfaces were bejewelled throughout the collection, using hand embroidery to create intricate bead and stonework, and 3D sequinned textures. Alongside this we used laser cutting processes, pleating processes on plastic and micro beading. We reimagined the 'Shalimar' perfume bottle as a shimmering floor length gown, made entirely from printed crystal chainmail, through our ongoing collaboration with Swarovski. This was a collection, based on collecting. And importantly, we wanted the pieces themselves to feel like precious collectors pieces, that can live on in their own wunderkammer.