WWF Tiger Experience

In July 2016 WWF launched their first virtual reality campaign to highlight the problem of Tiger poaching. Over 95% of the world’s tiger population has vanished over the last century with only around 3,900 remaining in the wild. We worked alongside BEcause Experiential Marketing to develop an immersive fundraising and awareness campaign that aimed to help double wild tiger numbers by 2022.
The Tiger Experience combined Virtual reality with CGI 360˚ film-making to create a journey that allowed viewers to step into the boots of a ranger and come face to face with wild tigers. We installed a physical pop-up forest in London Westfield shopping centres and put in place a team of ‘rangers’ to guide members of the public through a forest trail featuring questions about tiger conservation and iPad videos about WWF officers in the field. Surrounded by the sounds and even the smells of the forest, shoppers took part in the virtual reality experience, answered quizzes, and children had the chance to have their faces painted with tiger colours.
Over a two-week period we achieved:
  • 5K VR engagements
  • 12K participant photos
  • 13K visits to stand
...and were nominated for most innovative fundraising campaign at the 2017 National Fundraising Awards.


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