• Jon Averill

xSellco's product eDesk is the world's most used e-commerce help-desk, alongside their other products like Repricer and Feedback they are a vital tool for people selling on multiple platforms. They had a pre-existing brand which had no guidelines so there was no consistency. I brought this into focus and created them a hierarchy based but adaptable system. I also complied a library of brand imagery and icons + assisted with copywriting and campaign ideas as well as some work on their UI and websites. I also created a brand pathway to help them ask the right questions for their upcoming rebrand.

I created a whole series of taglines for their Q4 2020 campaign, tied around the slogan 'The Big Shoppertunity'. And for their other products I played off the time-saving features of Repricer, as well it's function in retail 'No time like the present'.