Yana Chervinska collection FW2019

  • Yana Chervinska

It was a relaunch of my own artistic fashion label Yana Chervinska and I created a new collection which included: a knitwear capsule, a special collaboration accessories with Bold Studio Prague, outerwear and other items. This collection was bought by Japanese store Radd Lounge and Copenhagen-based store Melange De Luxe. In this collection I was exploring the ideas of isolation and protection. The main inspiration was the novel "The Box Man" by Japanese writer Kōbō Abe. I extends this idea and presented massive puffer jackets and faux fur coats, which in my understanding acquire new meanings and become not only the functional outerwear, but also "a house" for the body and consciousness. While romanticism of feminine flared dresses reminds about the tender internal, which hides behind the armor. Outerwear here was an exaggerated uniform. I presented puffer vests, which reminds inflatable lifejackets and padded fisherman's panamas, ending with sculptural, almost theatrical layering. The cocoon here is not only the metaphor of security and comfort, but also the statement of self-independence.