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The last project of Second year and part of a brief with Adidas. The theme of the brief was 'Biomimicry', the process of design mimicing natural processes found in nature. I did so much early research for this project on different natural processes and instances of biomimicry in nature trying to find one that spoke to me and sparked ideas, but it wasnt until I had looked into so many that I finally found the direction I wanted to take this project. By reflecting on all of my early research I decided to look into evolution as a natural process, it is the very reason biomimicry in nature exists as creatures have had to evolve in order to survive. However I applied it to humans, and how we as a species may have to evolve in the future if our climate and planet continues to change as drastically as it is. I wanted the actual collection to evolve chronologically through the looks, so each look is progressing more and more into the future, and with it comes the necessary adaptations.

I looked at all sorts of animal adaptations and evolutions, and translated them into garment form. Some of the more interesting adaptions were the humps on camels, which I equated to more pockets and storage on a garment if humans had to start migrating and leading more nomadic lives. Another was the fact that white coloured arctic hares will soon go extinct in comarison to thier brown counterparts as the ice that for so many centuries had camouflaged them is now melting and causing them to stand out to predators.
I visited my local army surplus store in order to get interesting and functional detail inspiration for a collection that could sit within Adidas's aesthetic.
Because my collection is set in a nonspecific point in the future I had no hard facts in which to contextualise my project. So I decided to look into other creative's visions of a future on Earth in order to try and inform my own a bit more strongly. I used images from films set in the future to try and come up with my colour scheme for the collection as I know I wanted the colour palette to evolve through the looks and result in a collection of tones that could essentially camouflage the wearer in an incredibly urbanised future.
Some of the fabrics I used were repurposed from other things, such as blackout blinds and parachutes, as I imagine the world's landfills getting more and more full and eventually forcing us to reuse fabrics as a means of reducing or recycling waste.
The colour palette will start off in tones of white, and as the planet gets warmer and more built up more colours will come into play so the wearer can evolve to fit in more with her surroundings at the time, much like the arctic hares.

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