• Gunes Kurtkaya

Yemeksepeti has been creatively reaching out to customers who have not ordered at for 3 months and wants to get them back. In order to achieve this we have transformed the concept of ‘Crime and Punishment’ story into an interactive and personalized video project. We have sent a video to the target users who have not been on the site for 3 months by email. In the opening scene the users are welcomed with their names and proceeded to the interactive video sequences where they were able to choose which Yemeksepeti manager was to blame and who needed to be punished. At the end of the video, the users gave effective feedbacks to the Yemeksepeti, or they shared the video on social media. The shooting was also as entertaining as the video itself, and this project used a combination of personal video and interactive video capabilities. Yemeksepeti “Crime & Punishment project won 2 gold Effie Awards under Retail and Original Brand Experience categories.