• Beth McGlynn

You is the first campaign of its kind with regards to male body image and it aims to break the stigma of men not talking about their bodies. Magazines are known for portraying an image of the male form that is seemed to be idealised generally depicting a muscular version of the male body. GQ is one of the magazines that use this as our photographic image. In collaboration with GQ+ I have created a new campaign called You, with the aim of raising awareness of the media used in magazines and how it affects male body dissatisfaction. The aim of You is to get men talking about their own body image and giving an understanding of media used in magazines such as GQ. You feeling good.

You was designed using a User Persona, of a businessman living in Chelsea, London. Through research I found that a good touch point would be coffee cups as it gives a personal connection with the audience. This idea was expanded into using terminology used for coffee cup sizes. This was used alongside illustrations to depict various sizes and illustrate how men categorise themselves based on what they look like. The You campaign aims to break this and aims for men to accept their bodies, which will be achieved by information through articles both digitally and in print.
You was created as part of my University degree, using GQ as a platform for information. This Project was designed only for educational purposes.